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MASCAC Scholar-Athlete Award

This award has been presented annually since 1980 to a male and/or female student athlete who has excelled in academics and athletics while attending a Massachusetts State Institution.

To be considered for this award a student-athlete must be nominated by the Director of Athletics of a member institution and must have achieved at least a 3.2 cumulative grade point average. The student-athlete must be in his or her last year of athletic eligibility. The recipients are selected by the MASCAC Athletic Directors in voting conducted at the annual meeting.

Below is a list of the prestigious MASCAC Scholar-Athlete Award winners. 

MASCAC Scholar-Athlete

Academic Year Student-Athlete


2018-2019 Zach Howard Westfield State
  Michaila Parent Worcester State
2017-2018 Ryan DeAndrade Bridgewater State
  Jessie Cardin Westfield State
2016-2017 Marcus Zelzer Salem State
  Alycia Rackliffe Framingham State
2015-2016 Travon Godette Westfield State
  Naloti Palma Westfield State
2014-2015 Andy Sukeforth Bridgewater State
  Alyssa Jasper Worcester State
2013-2014 Amber White Bridgewater State
  Dane Jobst Worcester State
2012-2013 Molly Rouillard Bridgewater State
  Tom Gauger Westfield State
2011-2012 Amanda Gricus Westfield State
  Chris Kibler Fitchburg State
  Brian Clark Salem State
2010-2011 Jess Tietgens MCLA
  Jonathan White Massachusetts Maritime
  Dennis Zak Westfield State
2009-2010 Kerry Arouca Westfield State
  Jeff Santora Salem State
2008-2009 Andrea Wasuk Westfield State
  Justin Lima Bridgewater State
2007-2008 Colleen Feeney Bridgewater State
  Michelle Gosselin Salem State
  Drew Soltysiak Westfield State
  Devan McConnell Fitchburg State
2006-2007 Ben Colby Framingham State
  Sarah Peltokangas Fitchburg State
2005-2006  Melissa Machado Bridgewater State
  Fabian Mejia Salem State 
2004-2005 Kim Olson Bridgewater State
  Peter King Westfield State
2003-2004 Jess Silva Westfield State
  Matt Germain Fitchburg State
2002-2003 Nicole Gagliardi Framingham State 
   Jason Holt Fitchburg State
2001-2002 Heidi Roy Worcester State 
   Eric Swedberg Worcester State 
   David Warren MCLA
2000-2001 Nicole Abbott Framingham State 
   Tim Leonard Worcester State 
1999-2000 Osvaldo Dos Reis Salem State 
   Melissa Merrow Westfield State 
1998-1999 Sarah Corriveau Westfield State 
   Ryan Woodland Massachusetts Maritime
1997-1998 Julie Pramus Worcester State 
1996-1997 Elke Aun Worcester State 
1995-1996 Tommy Doyle Salem State 
   Wendy Gagliardi Fitchburg State 
1994-1995 Kerry Hennessy Bridgewater State 
1993-1994 Joseph Bonvie Salem State 
   Claudine Rice Westfield State
1992-1993 Jason Franklin Westfield State 
1991-1992 Heather Cabral Westfield State 
   Henrique Silva Salem State 
1990-1991 Heather Ewing Fitchburg State 
   Wendy Ewing Fitchburg State 
  Gary Kruskall Bridgewater State
1989-1990 Winnie McGarry Bridgewater State 
1988-1989 Karen Frustaci Westfield State 
   Peter Moschini Massachusetts Maritime
1987-1988 Theresa Reagan Salem State 
   Lori Winters Framingham State 
1986-1987 George Bent Westfield State 
   Mary Wenninger Fitchburg State 
1985-1986 Marydolores Brown Salem State 
   David Mik Massachusetts Maritime
1984-1985 William Johnson Massachusetts Maritime
1983-1984 Jerome Camposeo Westfield State 
   Debbie Cassinelli Fitchburg State 
1982-1983 Sharon Cox Fitchburg State 
   Christopher Scyocurka Massachusetts Maritime
1981-1982 John Hendy Massachusetts Maritime
   Cindy Sturm Westfield State
1980-1981 Paul Hartford Westfield State 
  Donna Rice Fitchburg State 
1979-1980 Chris Roller Massachusetts Maritime